Google Adwords

Digital marketing is commonly used to refer to all marketing initiatives that occur on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other digital device. Email, SMS, online video, display advertisements, social media posts, and other methods may be used.


What is Google adwords?

Google Ads is a platform for paid advertising that operates under the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing model, in which you, the advertiser, pay per click or impression (CPM) on an ad. Google Ads are a successful technique to attract qualified visitors, or good-fit clients, to your company who are looking for the goods and services you provide. You may improve in-store traffic, increase phone calls to your business, and increase internet traffic using Google Ads. With Google Ads, you can make and distribute strategic advertisements to your target market on desktop and mobile devices. As a consequence, when your target clients use Google Search to hunt for goods and services similar to yours, your company will appear on the search engine results page (SERP).

We are aware of what works and doesn't work

AdWords may or may not be effective for your company, depending on the level of competition for the keywords you're bidding on and their relevance to actual conversions for your business. In general, we've seen that Google AdWords is really beneficial for a variety of organisations, provided that they don't squander their money on the incorrect keywords or create advertisements with a low click-through rate (CTR).

What are the types of Google Adwords?

    Search Ad Campaign
    Text advertisements known as search adverts are seen on Google results pages. The advantage of search advertisements is that they allow you to publish your advertisement on Google, which is where most people turn to first when searching for information. Users are used to seeing and clicking on results since Google presents your advertisement in the same way as other results (except from designating it as a "Ad").

    Display Ad Campaign
    The Google Display Network is a collection of websites owned by Google that accept Google Ads and are in a variety of markets. The fact that the website owner is compensated for each click or impression on the ads is advantageous. The upside to marketers is that they may get their material in front of consumers that are aligned with their personalities.

    video Ad Campaign
    Keep in mind that YouTube is a search engine as well. Therefore, using the appropriate keywords will bring up a movie and briefly stop the user's current course of action in order to get their attention.

    App Ad Campaign
    Through an advertisement that appears on Google Search Network, YouTube, Google Play, Google Display Network, and other sites, Google App Campaigns advertise your mobile application. You may run advertisements urging people to download your app or, if they already have it, to do a specific action inside of it. Unlike other ad formats, an App ad campaign is not something you create. Instead, tell Google about your app's features and target market before making a bid.

    Shopping Ad Campaign
    Google Shopping Ad Campaigns are an additional sort of Google Ad. Similar to these other forms of advertisements, shopping campaigns are featured on SERPs and include specific

We provide best service for

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting pages to the first page and the top spot of the SERPs is what we do best, so hop on board and allow us take you to the first page of Google. Your visibility is our duty.

On Page optimisation

With the most recent advancements in on-page optimization, such as the tagging up of your pages, we help search engines grasp your material easily and swiftly

Content Optimisation

The ability of search engines to interpret material has improved, and so have we. By optimising your content, we redback website make it more pertinent to your target audience and make it simpler for your agency to position you at the top.

Data Analysis

We at redback website adapt our tactics for your agency by analysing the data we get from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and we make changes to our activities based on the findings.

SEO strategy

Understanding your target audience is the key to effective SEO; you don't need to be at the top of every search result; instead, you only need to be there at the correct time and place. We make it good for you.

SEO Consulting

To help you rank higher on the SERPs, we examine your website's search engine performance, optimise its content, strengthen your backlink profile, and cut down on error codes..


What is a digital marketing?

Digital marketing comprises all types of internet-based promotion and marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, and more.

What's the difference between B2B and B2C digital marketing?

B2B is an abbreviation for Business-to-Business. This marketing term refers to businesses that offer their products or services to other firms. For example, at Blue Compass, we collaborate with other businesses to create outstanding digital marketing strategies. B2C is an abbreviation for businesses that offer their products or services to individual consumers. While all aspects of digital marketing may be applied to both B2B and B2C businesses, the strategy will be different.

What is the main purpose of social media marketing?

Social media is part of the sales funnel's brand awareness and consideration stage. Businesses may use social media platforms to interact with their target audience and gradually nudge them down the funnel with information and links to learn more. Businesses may nurture leads into purchasers by giving relevant information about products and services, communicating with their audience, and offering free trials or offers.

What makes for a good web design?

Websites should be created to welcome and delight people rather than repel them. A decent site design is the only way to attract and retain users. The site should be visually appealing, simple to navigate, and free of intrusive pop-ups. If the homepage is poor, the user will leave rather than continue browsing the website. The website should also be easy to navigate and load quickly, with no fuzzy photos or excessive material.